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After 14 years of analyzing penny stocks, has become the clear choice of North American investors looking for the next penny stock winner. Pro is where to find them all... Pro is a premium newsletter / member section that analyzes penny stocks and provides its members with exclusive penny stock picks, monthly commodity and indices analysis allowing you to be the first to know what direction the markets will be heading as well as special reports and ad-free viewing of

Our approach is simple, our team of experts has poured five years into the meticulous programming of’s sister site, to define the equations and algorithms to quickly and accurately evaluate over 15,000 stocks listed in Canada & the U.S. every day, both small-cap and large-cap to provide a daily rating based on technical merits.

With Pro,
we're all about technical analysis to make money in any market condition! Try us free for 30 days!

What has resulted is an evaluation and filtering program that has an accuracy rating of approximately 70%, and pinpoints stocks at all price levels that are prepared to make a move. 70% is certainly amazing in its own right, but technology can only take you so far. With that said, the team at Pro utilizes its technology and internal search filters to take a handful of Companies that all trade under $5 a share and analyzes them further to notice certain elements that our technology is not able to pick up in great detail. The Pro team evaluates these already very capable stock movers for further criteria such as trend patterns, candle stick analysis, support and resistance levels, historical price movements and seasonality trends.

After our expert secondary screening, our favorite pick is found and promptly distributed to the Pro newsletter subscribers. These combined screening efforts and expert input allows us to strive to reach our internal goal of a minimum of 90% accuracy on all our trades, and let's you get stock picks poised to move quickly without having to do any research or understanding complicated technical analysis charts.

As one can see, there are many moving parts to understand the specifics of any technical chart, that’s why at Pro we simplify everything for our investors by explaining what is important to note on every chart and Company that we evaluate so that not only can our investors learn a thing or two about technical analysis, but more importantly they won’t need to spend countless time evaluating and researching charts. The only thing our investors need to do is watch for our “Buy” and “Sell” calls on three Companies per month and watch the profits roll in, it couldn’t be easier!

Here's what you can expect with your subscription:

  • Three technical penny stock picks per month (Canadian & U.S. Listed Stocks trading under $5 a share)
  • Monthly indices and commodity market analysis (List of Indices Tracked: Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq, Russell 2000, TSX, TSX-Venture, Gold, Silver, Copper,
    Oil & others on occasion)
  • Internet updates on focus stocks
  • Email alerts when there are changes to our portfolio
  • 12 month archives of stock picks and market analysis
  • Special reports
  • Ad-free viewing of and Pro

A credit card is required to activate your Pro account. If you decide not to cancel your subscription, your service will continue based on the rate plan you have chosen.

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